Search for acquisition candidates

Assistance to PE, VC and industrial investors

Investment in Norwegian enterprises


  • Many international "Private Equity" and "Venture Capital" firms do not have local representatives in Norway, and therefore do not have in-depth knowledge of the market.
  • For such businesses, it is time-consuming and expensive to identify and negotiate "one-on-one" with companies in Norway that one would potentially invest in.
  • Dedicating or hiring new employees to manage and develop Norwegian portfolio companies may not be cost effective until a significant investment portfolio is in place.
  • Industrial buyers with or without local market knowledge want assistance in finding good acquisition candidates.


  • We can assist with the search for, development and management of investment candidates and portfolio companies in Norway.


Potential tasks and services

  • Market analysis ahead of investment
    • Identify and present potential companies for investment
    • Prepare background material for investment decisions
  • Manage/assist in negotiation processes with target companies
  • Identify co-investors to invest in portfolio companies
  • Assistance to portfolio companies in the aftermath of investment
    • Board members or advisory board positions
    • Business development
    • Help with additional acquisitions and cluster creation
    • Manage and manage M&Amp;A processes
  • Sale or other exit from portfolio company