Jarlsberg Partners merged with Finova

Jan 18, 20210 comments

Jarlsberg Partners AS was established in 2005. In the first few years, we focused on consulting business owners on change of ownership (buying, selling and merging businesses), and have completed a number of successful transactions in cooperation with our customers.

In recent years there has been a lot of focus on and work on our own investments. Both direct investment, and through investment communities. These activities have gradually become so extensive that we have now completed Jarlsberg Partners, and continued the activities in three other businesses and areas.


The consultancy in Jarlsberg Partners continues in Finova. Here there is a focus on the development of value of businesses that are ahead of a capital transaction. Both in their own portfolio and for new clients. This is the starting point for a conversation with us about what services may be relevant.


We wanted to invest even more strongly in change of ownership transactions, and become a larger team. In cooperation with the experienced advisors and analysts of Ontogeny Group, we have therefore established Ontogeny Corporate Finance AS (OCF).

OCF focuses on acquisitions/mergers and capital advice in the SMB market. The company has an office in Oslo, and is already well underway with new assignments.


Direct investments will continue to be carried out, but the focus is on our participation in the investment communities MTI Startup and MTI Growth. The investment communities consist of a number of investors who are early in growth companies.

If this can be interesting to you, please contact Jan Wessel Bratterud.

Thank you to those who have followed Jarlsberg Partners. The company's LinkedIN account will pass but will no longer be maintained.

Feel free to follow Finova And Ontogeny Corporate Finance instead.